What does the certification provide?

It’s an acknowledgement to the certified person’s skills and performance regarding the practice of NLP through an individual and personal certificate seal.

Besides, it provides side benefits such as higher opportunities and social acknowledgement worldwide.


About certification

It is an evaluation process based on performance standards ensuring through evidences that the certified professional meets the necessary knowledge, skills, strengths, attitudes and values to put in practice the functions or activities with required quality and excellence regarding the certification level owned at that moment.


Requirements to access certification

There are two ways:

  1. Accredited Program and Evaluation developed by IAPNLP
  2. IAPNLP Program totally taught by IAPNLP Trainer or Master Trainer



The Neuro Linguistic Programming has different training levels which can vary depending on the countries. That’s why the IAPNLP asks for some minimum requirements about the amount of hours, days and contents per course to offer the IAPNLP certification. These ones may be expandable, never reduced, conveniently, according to the performance standards managed by each trainer.

Nowadays, the International Association of Professional Neuro-Linguistic Programming certifies the following courses: