This program deepens into acquired knowledge in the Practitioner certification program, in order to develop skills for changing oneself and everybody else’s beliefs and values so that it suits to their systems: life, family, work.

Programs including “modeling” must be centered into the power of modeling the excellence through a real experience.

  1. Prior requirements: Certified NLP Practitioner
  2. Schedule (minimum content):
    • Beliefs (usage, transformation and change)
    • Values and criteria (identification, usage, obtaining and adjustment)
    • Meta-Programs (elicitation and usage)
    • Advanced language patterns games
    • Advanced usage of sub modalities
    • Modeling (theory, techniques and examples)
    • Multilevel communication
    • Advanced Milton Model (deep trance states)
    • Model for negotiation and conflict management
    • Chronology (advanced)
    • Systemic work (groups, family, team)
    • Integrative NLP Models
  3. Length: 100 hours course or 15 class sessions taught by an IAPNLP Trainer.
  4. Tests: It is divided into 2 parts, a written part and a practical part:
    • Written test: it will show a summary of minimum program contents guaranteeing a high quality level, at discretion of Master Trainer
    • Practical Test: it will allow the participants to show his/her personal integration about NLP concepts and techniques selected by the Master Trainer.