This training is intended to acquire the knowledge about methods, models, techniques and basic concepts of NLP for applying oneself and everybody else.

Furthermore, it gives you the ability to elicit problems with an ecological result and a view of current status, showing behavioral flexibility, resources guidance and ecological interventions.

  1. Prior requirements: none
  2. Schedule (minimum content):
    • Knowledge and integration of NLP presumptions
    • Rapport, encompass and leading (establishment and verbal/non-verbal maintenance)
    • Calibration (sensorial experience)
    • Representation systems
    • Meta-model of language
    • Milton Model patterns
    • Metaphors (usage and creation)
    • Guidance toward results and resources
    • Ecology of System
    • Anchorage techniques (contextualized in the field of applications)
    • Specific sensorial feedback
    • Change of consciousness (external or internal)
    • Dissociation and association
    • First, second and third position
    • Sub modalities
    • Logical levels
    • Strategies (detection, obtainment, usage and installation)
    • (Re)framing
    • Chronology
  3. Length: 100 hours course or 15 class sessions taught by an IAPNLP Trainer.
  4. Tests: It is divided into 2 parts, a written part and a practical part:
    • Written test: it will be a summary of minimum contents guaranteeing a high quality level, at discretion of Trainer.
    • Practical Test: it will allow the participants to show his/her personal integration about NLP presumptions and techniques selected by the Trainer.