Training whose purpose is aimed to people interested in spreading and/or teaching information to a specific group using the skills provided by NLP.

  1. Prior requirements: “NLP Master-Practitioner” certified by IAPNLP
  2. Schedule (minimum content):
    • Presentation design:
      • Methodic planning about the different representation systems
      • Balance between delivery of information and opportunities to discovery
      • Fragmentation and sequence of information and experience
      • Set up for opening and closing of frames
      • Promoting generalization of information
    • Exercises design:
      • Specify the training results
      • Splitting of perception and evaluation of group processes
      • Explanation of exercises, including ability to explain and training its behavior without using notes or prints.
    • Future rhythm of learning results
    • Tests
    • Easing the fast learning
    • Planning of appropriate interventions with individuals and groups, executing interventions both in favor and reactively
    • Usage of deep and superficial metaphors of directions for processes and pre-framing
    • Usage of visual presentation resources
    • Rapport: with groups and individuals in several levels and with plenty of methods
    • Focus on the audience through the use of:
      • Different learning styles
      • Meta-Programs
      • Representation systems
      • Logical levels (Bateson & Dilts)
    • Inclusion of feedback in several levels; revaluation in process and transmission of open and covered information of individuals and groups through questionnaire
    • Usage of critics, hard behavior, disturbances, rejection of group members, triggers, low performance and ecological and/or ethics issues
    • Usage of result-oriented undercover communication skills
    • Answers to the questions: including critical levels, intention to ask and answers for generation of proper levels.
    • Different techniques and presentation resources
    • Capability for demonstrating
    • Integration of presumptions in all kind of environments: oneself, individuals and groups
    • Exhibit, at least, two live presentations in front of six participants, minimum length 20 minutes each one, including feedback provided by the group.
  3. Length: 100 hours course or 15 class sessions taught by a Master Trainer.
  4. Tests: It is divided into 2 parts, a written part and a practical part:
    • Written test: it will be a summary of minimum program contents as a mean for guaranteeing a high quality level. This test must show the proper knowledge and integration of contents described above.
    • Practical Test: it will allow the participants to show its personal integration about NLP Trainer skills in his/her personal fields of performance.

Note: The objective of “Trainers Training” education is focused on performance skills based on NLP. For this, the Practitioner and/or Master-Practitioner contents will be used as a mean for teaching and training, but its contents will not be a part of this curriculum nor the final test.