People in training inside the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming may be “IAPNLP Amateur Members” and the ones who show some interest in its knowledge and/or disclosure.

IAPNLP criteria for the “amateur” term are defined below:

  1. He/She is a physical person.
  2. He/She is joined to the IAPNLP’s ethics code.

To become an International Association of Professional Neuro-Linguistic Programming – IAPNLP – “Amateur Member” you have to send us:

  1. “Amateur Member” application form fulfilled. Ask for it through the contact application.
  2. Updated photo in JPG format.
  3. Full color ID, Foreigner ID or passport.
  4. Membership you wish to certify as a merit and former if necessary.

The entrance of new members will be approved by two founding members or active professionals belonging to IAPNLP.

All the files will be sent in a sole JPG or PDF format file to