Membership Types

The IAPNLP, as its name suggests, is a professionals’ association, which necessarily involves this to be one of the membership types: “Professional Member”.

Adults who certify a professional education and activity inside the Neuro-Linguistic Programming may be “Professional Members” in different categories offered by Association, or adults who make use of it in different disciplines. Furthermore, they have to accomplish the Professional Requirements described in the “Professional Member” paragraph.

While the professional activity normally requires a minimum educational level, training, knowledge and experience, the next type is referred to the skills acquired by the person until passing the professional level.

The IAPNLP has, as one of its functions, the disclosure of training in NLP with high skills standards to certify the further professionals. This implies the logical appearance of “in training” member we’ll name “Amateur Member”.

People in training inside the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming may be “Amateur Members” and also the ones who show some interest in its knowledge and/or disclosure.

Both membership types have in common that the maximum grade someone reaches individually is only limited to the will and dedication each one decides to deliver.